Guillon Photographers 1870-1945

This website is dedicated to the photography of Pierre Martial Maximilien Guillon and LĂ©opold Alexandre Valentin Guillon. The brothers were both self employed photographers from the 1870s onwards and have connections to France, Jersey, Guernsey, England and Canada.

Most of the items that we have collected over the last few years have been found on auction websites and centre around the Brighton, Bristol, London, Poole and Plymouth areas of England.

So far, we have discovered 4 cartes de visite, 2 cabinet cards, 6 photographs and over 60 postcards. Some of them are owned by us (the Guillon family) and the rest are owned either by private collectors, libraries or museums. We are constantly on the lookout for more items, especially the cartes de visite and cabinet cards which are more difficult to find.

We would like to thank David Simkin from Sussex Photo History for his kind donations and great knowledge of early photography, Flickr user Alwynn Ladell who owns several postcards taken by Valentin Guillon and Mike from Deane Photographic Archives who owns some incredible early CDVs taken by Valentin Guillon.